You're by my side, there's joy all around, and my heart is filled with love. In this moment, I'm wishing that the rest of my life looks just like this.

Only the luckiest get to celebrate love in its most glorious form as a part of their profession. My recent pre-wedding photoshoot with Deepthi and Bhargav was a snippet straight out of a majestic love story. Brought to life in Bangalore and Goa, the photo shoot celebrates the couple’s tale in two facets- homeliness and romance.

For the album, we first took to the streets of Bangalore. It was a blessed morning. The honey-dipped sunlight put aglow all things it touched. The air was crisp but pleasant, scented with a blend of holy incenses, freshly weaved garlands, and heaps of dried red peppers. While Deepthi and Bhargav came undone with the purest of emotions to announce their undying love for each other, Kiddo, the couple's beloved pet dog kept the faces jovial throughout. Adding to the merriment were the vendors, sitting by the heaps of chillies, witnessing the scene in awe.

We also headed to country’s beach paradise, Goa, soon after. The sun was at its artistic best, sprinkling magical tones of orange and pink all around. The waters, as if mesmerised by this beauty, reflected the palette right back. And the mildly warm waters embraced our feet in subtle waves as Deepthi and Bhargav walked along the shore, lost in a moment of togetherness. Golden crop fields and lush grasslands also find a place in the album, making it a festivity of colours throughout. I like to believe that the pictures reflect the colourful, carefree, and exhilarating spirits of the couple, which I could not have enough of throughout the shoot.

In the end, I feel that the best thing about pre-wedding shoots is that each picture can be a different chapter of a book everyone loves to read. There's freedom to bring in elements that add a unique flavour to the pictures, all the while being a part of something very pure and moving. There can't be many things as exhilarating as this.

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