There is a feeling that never leaves me. It tickles me until I cocoon myself. It whispers songs from the alley of joy; it holds me through the storms. I feel it only when I’m with you. And I call it Home.

A wedding is something that comes after careful anticipation which may have lasted for months, years, or even a lifetime. The day arrives faster than it should or perhaps later than you thought it would, but isn’t that the beauty of love? To let it take the lead and trust its every step? And along the way, it instills hopes and dreams in you, and when the right time arrives, it gives you a whole fairytale. So you decide to carry on because it feels like home. Arjun remembers Kelsi and Randy’s wedding as a joyous one. It was held at Kelsi's majestic maiden home in Redlands, California. For the day, the backyard was carefully decorated with little trinkets, giving the atmosphere a sublime and homely charm. Rich with olive trees and grapevines, the place had a Mediterranean vibe to it. The atmosphere was rustic yet classy, made perfect by an old oak tree under which the couple exchanged their rings. Being wed in a home where you grew up- where you watched your life bloom, made all the memories you cherish so dearly- is indeed a heartwarming experience. And one could see that in Kelsi’s eyes.

A classic example of sophisticated wedding photography, the album carefully exhibits the series of events that make it so special. As they dress up, Randy enjoys some amusing banter with his friends, all laughing and tacitly cheering him up for his big day. As the ceremony begins, the wedding photographer introduces the many happy faces that bless the bride and groom with their presence. The day only takes a jollier discourse with affectionate moments from the toast that brings tears of joy to everyone. Ending it on a high with scenes from the dance party that followed, Kamath tells Kelsi and Randy’s wedding story in its fine details. Come, join the happy couple on their big day.

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