First Girl
Dia Madaiah

Second Girl
Sindhu Nandakumar

Third Girl
Nicole Padiwal

Wardha Ahamed & Sindhu Nandakumar

Swati Mukund, BAUBLE LOVE, Shringaar - The Ethnic Story

Make up and Hair
Ambreen Vikhar, Aamina Nissar

Produced, Photographed & Directed by
Arjun Kamath

Let’s be honest, we have all tried to click photographs through our mobile phones and felt that it is impossible to get them right. An intrigued Arjun challenged himself to shoot an entire series with a mobile phone camera, barring all accessories. Padhaaro Mhaare Des, a fashion photography series shot only on iPhone successfully sculpted his beliefs into reality. With this shoot, he proved the two ideologies deep-seated in his mind. One, the best camera is the one that you’re holding in your hands. Two, the world is your oyster and you can excel at your work with conviction and effort, regardless of the tools. While using the iPhone 8 as his sole gear, Arjun took advantage of the soft sunlight at dawn and nothing else to come up with some breathtaking shots.

In the spotlight are three women, who are like three verses- they are unique in their looks and eccentricities but when colligated, they bring out the flow of the poem that the shoot is. Decked with heavy silver jewelry that Rajasthani women adorn more often than not, Dia Madaiah adopts a strong desi look which is only lifted by her piercing gaze. Nicole Padival, on the other hand, brings in a hint of solemnity. Dressed in a semi-traditional Rajasthani outfit with a twist of modern styling, she glares the quintessence of the moon with her pearl white shirt and silver neckpieces. Diverging from the former two, Sindhu Nandakumar’s portraits see a brilliant gamble of natural light that paints her face with a golden glitter. Pirouetting around the traditional Rajasthani culture, the shoot emphasizes on the likeably stentorian stance of the land. The models are not forced to blend in with one another and yet the shoot continues on its own without any knots in its fabric. With this shoot, Arjun yet again proves his mastery over light, photographic composition, and storytelling. Come, celebrate the uproar of colors and swim into a world of folk music, mirror-studded skirts and chunaris, and vivacious people.

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