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February 13, 2018
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Smartphone Photography and Why the Pros are Indulging in it

Smartphone Photography and Why are the Pros Indulging in it

28th May, 2018

If you go to a happening tourist destination or a hustling lounge in a metropolitan and look around you, you’ll find at least a few people engaged in their smartphones. Photography is at its vibrant prime and part of the credit goes to smartphones and its usage. The device has been successful at introducing the art of taking pictures to the layman. It has also helped in broadening the reach and understanding of photography. Any mobile phone camera allows users to take pictures through some simple clicks on their screen, dismissing the need of being a camera expert.

I believe that the potential that mobile phone photography holds for the future is tremendous. I’ll tell you why. Back in the day, the usage of smartphones was limited to adults. But with its need becoming universal, people from all age groups, be it teenagers, adults, or even kids now have access to the device. This gives people the opportunity of being exposed to creative photography in its simplest form, opening up a large valley to explore. And since technology is only advancing with each new day, so will the quality and capability of smart phone cameras. To think of it, the day may not be far when a child playing on a smartphone captures an image that ends up on a hoarding in Times Square. The possibilities are endless!

Why I recommend Mobile Phone Photography

The Ease
  • Smartphones have now become an integral part of our daily lives. Naturally, since they are multifunctional and portable, making it easier for the user to operate and carry.
  • Incorporating a professional touch in the pictures is made user-friendly with the help of inbuilt features on camera phones these days. Depending on the smartphone company, these include but are not limited to the portrait mode, optical image stabilization (OIS), the ability to shoot images in RAW format as well as the adjustable settings for the ISO speed.
  • Editing and uploading is made easy due to the multiple apps it can support like Halide, Pro Camera, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, amongst others.
  • Various companies manufacture dust and waterproof smartphones these days, thus making it easier for the user to capture photographs in extreme weather conditions. Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC U11, Google Pixel 2 XL all belong to this category.
  • Mobile phones save the user the hassle of understanding the technicalities of a DSLR, making their job quicker and easier.

The quality
  • The resolution that a good mobile phone camera provides is commendable. The OnePlus 5T and Honor View 10 lead the game with a 16 + 20 MP primary camera. Not far behind, the Google Pixel 2 XL offers 12.2mp rare and 8mp front camera. Whereas the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the iPhone X come with dual-rare cameras, both offering 12 megapixels. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro features a 12mp f/1.6 color camera, and a 20mp f/1.6 B&W camera, both lenses equivalent to 27mm in 35mm terms. Most of these phones also provide 4K video recording.
  • Smartphone cameras come with many perks borrowed from the DSLR. One can now play with exposure, shoot in various automated modes, all on the same device. They also offer facilities that DSLRs don’t- with smart phones, one can edit their pictures in a matter of seconds.

The technicalities
  • The automatic modes as well as third-party camera apps give you finer control with regard to settings, allowing experimentation, helping achieve the perfect shot.
  • Different types of shots are made possible with a variety of lenses that can be easily clipped on the smartphone, thus giving the user the freedom of playing with the focal length of the pictures.
  • Smartphone cameras come with a variety of effects like lighting adjust, depth of field, and so on- one just has to explore.

Padhaaro Mhare Des- a smartphone based fashion photography shoot

Having experimented with mobile phone cameras myself, I preach from experience. I began the year of 2018 with a task, deciding to document a fashion shoot solely with a smartphone camera. So I headed away from the metropolitan vibe of Bangalore to embrace a more relatable, earthy vibe, with a small team that comprised of two of my friends, who also happen to be a makeup artist and a stylist. I had fully played around with the camera and its settings a week before. This made my job easier and eventually the whole shoot was like child’s play, particularly because I knew the camera inside out. Thus was created Padhaaro Mhaare Des, an iPhone 8 only fashion photography shoot submerged in the essence of Rajasthani traditions.

I managed to maintain a professional touch to it but this was not some kind of accidental success. I had planned the shoot elaborately, constantly scouting room for creativity in its entire fabric. Meticulously piecing production design, makeup, costume, and the locations together, I framed the images to my satisfaction. Indeed, I had done my homework. To achieve the perfect lighting, I executed the shoot early in the morning, making use of the sunlight while it was still soft and amiable. I examined the features of the camera phone I was using and exploited its capabilities to the fullest. I choreographed each scene considering the model- her features, the persona she carries, and the styling she was going to adorn. Believing that God is in the details and not the gear, I perfected each aspect of the shoot, so the results had to be flawless.

In the end, while the razzmatazz of expensive gears still persists, mobile photography might as well be the future of photography. The shift in the philosophy has already begun, with many professional photographers embracing the smartphone over a DSLR. The technology is only advancing and smartphone photography has a long way to go. So the next time you pick up your phone to take a picture, know that you are indeed holding the best gear. Go ahead and explore the vast world of possibilities, the perfect shot might just be around the corner!

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