Produced, Directed & Shot by Arjun Kamath

What is it like to have your dream come true? Arjun studied Film and Television Production from the world’s best film school, the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. The experience of learning on such a vast platform has left him mesmerized and forever in love with filmmaking, inspiring him to churn out excellent work as a routine.

Kamath’s films have featured in international film festivals and have also found grand recognition on online video platforms like YouTube. Come, live a little in the disparate worlds created by Arjun. Warm your heart knowing the struggles of a mother against patriarchy with Avani, dive deep into the heart churning story of Dia with The Birthday Trip, fly along with Olga as you learn about her adventures, and sit with Maitreyi and Alpana as they narrate the tale of their Coming Out.

Cinematography by Arjun Kamath

Spending four years in LA, the land of Hollywood, has bestowed upon Arjun some lessons which only come with experience, observation and a burning desire to excel. The university he graduated from has formerly educated award winning filmmakers like George Lucas (Filmmaker- Star Wars series), Ron Howard (Filmmaker-A Beautiful Mind, Apoloo 13), and Robert Zemeckis (Screenwriter-Back to the Future, Forrest Gump). Whenever Kamath thinks of this, he feels a sense of pride and belonging, and above that, a rush that forces him to hustle and chase the best version of himself.

Arjun made his debut as a Cinematographer with an award-winning documentary and hasn’t looked back since. What Would Beethoven Do? manages a faction of people in sundry locations whereas Miles in Between is almost static. Three Dreams takes on an inspirational tone, whereas The Birthday Trip is spine-chilling. Kamath has shown his expertise in the most diverse ways without falling back to a comfort zone. Now prepare yourself to binge watch some exciting stories.

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