With art comes the freedom of imagination, expression, and exploration. To master Artistic Photography is to blend them graciously and in just the right amounts. As a genre, it supports sincere and complex areas like Fashion, Travel, and Storytelling. Having dedicated a decade to mastering these spheres, Arjun has produced exceptional work, changing the perception of photo modernism in India. Portraying an amalgamation of various facets of art are Kamath’s photo stories like Avani and Coming Out. They combine storytelling, performance, creative direction, character design, and photography, taking the audience on a dramatic and gripping ride.

In contrast to his fictional stories are the real ones that he captures during his travels, some of which have been published by Nat Geo. Whereas meeting the real and fictional worlds at an intersection are his fashion photographs. With them, he crafts visual stories around Bollywood celebrities in a series of pictures. If I had to sum it up in a sentence, I’d say that Arjun’s Artistic Photography encapsulates the quintessence of his genius. Come, be a part of his artistic journey.


Stories are a sea of possibilities. And just as waves stir in the waters a constant quiver, stories take it upon themselves to set a ripple in our minds by making us think, urging us to act. And it is with their telling that we thrive. Like with many of us, stories played an important role in Arjun’s childhood. He vividly remembers the thrill of stepping into a different story each night and stepping out as someone else. This experience inspired him to create tales of his own. And as a photographer, could there be a better way to chronicle them than through pictures? Procuring much adulation all over the world and stirring activism in India with the subjects they address, Arjun’s photo narratives stir up your world for a while, inviting you to feel the emotions you’ve never felt before.


Art is limitless. Same goes with beauty. They refuse to be simmered down to a singular definition, to a set of standards. Remembering this, Arjun stretches the general perspective on fashion photography by poetically addressing the graceful features of the models. He believes that the essence of good fashion photography is rooted in its three challenging aspects. Finding inspiration for a fashion shoot, translating it into a detailed storyboard, and finally, executing it. Following the head for technicalities and listening to the heart for inspiration and execution of the fashion shoots, Arjun brings the best of his skill set to the table. Shot in various cities across India like Varanasi, Mumbai, and Chennai, Kamath’s street fashion photography blends the essence of different places in his pictures. Observe fashion like never before as Arjun takes his work to different cities, immersing you in completely different vibes.


How many stories can a place hold? How will they all be told, and who will tell them? These are some questions that must have occurred to you at some point, while you were riding a bus in the mountains or skimming through the haywire alleys of an old city. Truth be told, no journey is complete if it does not change something in you. A voyage should tell a story and more importantly, it should make you want to tell one. In his travel pictures, Arjun demonstrates how much a place reveals about itself in things which go unnoticed. Ambling on the streets, he finds stories blossoming in a courtyard or brewing inside a teapot. Capturing a myriad of sentiments, his travel portraits are like a museum of life in its ecstasies and fortitudes. Hop on a mesmerizing voyage with the photographer as he personalizes his experiences of travelling to different lands.


Macro Shots - Life in pinches

You see, beauty is not hard to find. You just have to look at the world with curious eyes, observe patiently, and then help the world look at it the way you do. In this collection of macro shots, Arjun proves the fact yet again, bringing to life the minutest of objects that take up space in this universe. Featuring a riot of colours, these photographs make the viewer appreciate the magic in the mundane and unnoticed trinkets that we have been given so generously. Be it a bunch of dried chillies taken out to prepare lunch or a couple of pine cones waiting to be placed on the shelf at a craft store, they all revel in colour, form, and texture. Here, the acclaimed photographer has gone to the heart of these very simple subjects, often leaving them unrecognised. This, in turn, adds a sweet mystery and curiosity to the photographs.

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