It is the little, everyday things that quietly add up to make this world so graceful.

You see, beauty is not hard to find. You just have to look at the world with curious eyes, observe patiently, and then help the world look at it the way you do. In this collection of macro shots, Arjun proves the fact yet again, bringing to life the minutest of objects that take up space in this universe. Featuring a riot of colours, these photographs make the viewer appreciate the magic in the mundane and unnoticed trinkets that we have been given so generously. Be it a bunch of dried chillies taken out to prepare lunch or a couple of pine cones waiting to be placed on the shelf at a craft store, they all revel in colour, form, and texture. Here, the acclaimed photographer has gone to the heart of these very simple subjects, often leaving them unrecognised. This, in turn, adds a sweet mystery and curiosity to the photographs.

On a mellow November evening last year, a surprise awaited Arjun on his doorstep. It was a little basket of happiness from Team Google, who had sent across their brand-new smartphone, the Pixel 3XL, as a gift. Overjoyed as he was upon receiving it, he spent the next few days experimenting with its camera. These pictures, unfolding like a lucid dream, are made using the same gadget. Kamath’s attention to detail along with his understanding of colours and composition bring out a picturesque symphony within the frames. With mobile phone photography being embraced and appreciated by photographers worldwide, Arjun provides his wonderful contribution to the field with these carefully curated macro-shots.

Arjun Kamath featured by Moment

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