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Indian women blog
Spinning Stories With His Photos, Arjun Kamath Is Protesting Against Taboos With His Art - Click here

Bollywood Hungama

Check out: Dangal actress Fatima Sana Shaikh looks ethereal in her latest photoshoot - Click here

Office Chai

Meet Arjun Kamath, The Photographer Behind The Stunning “Coming Out” Photo Story - Click here

The Indian Express

Nam Ooru Bengaluru: Arjun Kamath’s latest series captures the essence and old charm of unseen IT city - Click here

This Soul Gripping Photo Story Of Avani Will Leave You Wanting For More - Click here

The Indian Express

Photographer narrates gripping story of ‘Avani’ caught in patriarchy through powerful pictures - Click here

The Hindu

Avani's story through Arjun's pictures - Click here

The News Minute

'Avani': A captivating photo story of love, power and relationships rooted in social issues - Click here

The India Times

This Stunning Photo Story Reveals The Ugly Truth Of Life As An Indian Woman In A Patriarchal Society - Click here

A beautiful yet tragic photo story by Arjun Kamath - Click here


These powerful photos unveils the heartbreaking reality of injustice against Indian women - Click here


This Photo Story Called ‘Avani’ Shows The Horrors Of Being Born A Girl In India - Click here

The Indus Parent

This photo series about Avani's courage will give you the chills - Click here


A Tragic Story About India's Social Evils Through 48 Beautiful And Surreal Photos - Click here


A Tragedy Of Indian Social Evils Told Through 48 Heartbreaking Images - Click here

Power Humans

Indian Social story, through 48 Heartbreaking Images - Click here

The Times of India
Photo series about dark-skinned woman sends powerful message- Click here

Arjun Kamath’s Photo Series ‘Color of Our Skin’ Captures Plight of Dark-Skinned Women - Click here

A Beautiful Story About A Dark-Skinned Woman Told Through 37 Stunning Photos - Click here

The Indian Express
From dark skin to painted faces: These beautiful photos of a woman battling prejudice will move you - Click here

The Quint
Obsessed With Fair Skin? Watch This Tale of A Dark-Skinned Woman - Click here

This Poignant Photo Series Highlights Our Society's Aversion To Dark Skin - Click here

This Stunning Photo Series Accurately Portrays Our Obsession with Fair Skin - Click here

This Photo Essay About A Dark-Skinned Woman Sends A Powerful Message - Click here

In A Country Obsessed With Fair Skin, This Groundbreaking Photo Story Will Open Your Eyes - Click here

This Photo Story Is A Much Needed Social Commentary On Our Obsession With Fair Skin - Click here

Daily Bhaskar
This Photofeature Beautifully Captures the Struggles of a Dark-Skinned Woman in a Fairness Obsessed Society - Click here

Just for Women
Photographer Takes On India’s Obsession With Fair Skin In This Beautifully Stunning Photo Essay! - Click here

Metro UK

Photographer explores homophobia in India with haunting photo series - Click here

Dailymail UK

Photographer illustrates the hatred and persecution faced by gay people through provocative picture series which sees a same-sex couple being hunted down and burned alive - Click here


Coming Out: Arjun Kamath - Click here

India Today

This powerful photo series titled Coming Out is a must-see - Click here

DNA India

Indian society's response to LGBT love captured in pictures - Click here

The Hindu
Frames of a forbidden love - Click here


Meet Arjun Kamath: From engineering student to internet stardom - Click here


A Homosexual Love Tragedy Told Through 30 Heartbreaking Photographs - Click here

Daily Bhaskar

28 Stunning Photographs That Depict LGBT Love and Its Struggles - Click here

Pink News

Gay love story told in touching new photo series - Click here


A Tragic Love Story In 30 Pictures - Click here

Deccan Herald

A fearless storyteller- Click here


A photo story by Arjun Kamath - Click here

Collective Evolution

Homophobia in India explored by photographer through a series of powerful photographs - Click here


These 30 photographs reveal the agony of a LGBT couple - Click here

The Quint

30 Stunning Photos of Same-Sex Love, Intimacy and Heartbreak - Click here


This Powerful Photo Story About Two Women in Forbidden Love Will Break Your Heart - Click here

Fifty Shades of Gay

What Is Homophobia Like in India? - Click here

Peta Pixel

These Photos Imagine What Tangible Anxiety Would Look Like - Click here

The Hindu

Photographer Arjun Kamath’s latest photo story centres around anxiety - Click here


Arjun Kamath’s Anxiety Series Captures The Ugly And The Uglier Of Ordinary Indians’ Anxiety - Click here

The New Indian Express

Depth of feel - Noted for his visual narratives, Bengaluru-based photographer Arjun Kamath talks about passion, perspective and career Click here

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