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What’s essential to capture and remember is sometimes unrecognizable to the eye. A wedding photographer is therefore obliged to pick these precious moments from the ceremony’s fabric, craft them creatively, and showcase them to the world. Arjun perceives each wedding photography shoot as a unique story and not just another gig. This reflects in his pictures, for they are expressive and moving; just as a couple would expect them to be.

A master in visual storytelling, he innovatively narrates the bride and groom’s wedding story through his pictures, focusing on the minute details and the fleeting emotions. He believes that upon closer observation, one can discover snippets of affinity which reflect the bond two people share. And he tries to record this invisible bond, giving creative wedding photography an intimate touch. Come, explore some heartwarming wedding stories Kamath has chronicled over the years.

Meghana & Akshay - Wedding Story

The moonlight shimmered on Meghana’s crimson silk saree, putting her aglow in a unique charm. Akshay gracefully accompanied her through the rituals, smiling at her every gush and living it all with a full heart. Friends and family were all on the top of their mirth too, blessing the couple with ardent merriment. There was soft music in the air and the moonlit breeze brushed everyone with its softness. This is how I would like to remember the wedding ceremony of Meghana & Akshay, that took place in the vibrantly green and sprawling Pragati Resorts of Hyderabad.
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Rashna & Nikhil - Wedding Story

It was a soft, sunny afternoon and the air of JW Marriott, Bengaluru was filled with the scents of a fresh garden abloom with moringa, plants, and roses. The daylight put the entire room on shimmer as Nikhil dressed for the big day, in a beige kurta and crimson silk stole. On the other end, Rashna had adorned a fine golden saree and the most beautiful demeanour, pouring out grace with every step and sentence that flowed through her. Just as the sun bid goodbye to the day, the bride and the groom stepped into the mantap, taking the place by awe and deep affection.
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Samhita & Rohan - Wedding Story

As much as a wedding is a celebration of love, it is also a coming together of families, a harbinger of pure happiness, and a commemoration of the good things in life. Samhita and Rohan’s wedding was a three-day affair, with traditional Hyderabadi rituals meeting at the shore of contemporary times. On the first evening, Sangeet pulled everyone to the dance floor, with heartfelt solo performances dedicated to the bride and groom. By the end of it all, everyone indulged in hourlong merrymaking, dancing as if the earth was spinning its last. The next morning brought the yellows of the sun and Haldi together, and the bride’s home chimed with wedding folk songs, giggles, and stories of love. An ebullient Samhita sat there with the widest grin her face could possibly muster, gleefully accepting all the whispered blessings, the splashes of turmeric, and the fortunes of the day.
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Mruni & Krupakar - Wedding Story

Some loves are full of such a thriving energy, that they take you by admiration, pulling you into a world of warmth, togetherness, and sheer merrymaking. If I had to sum up Muni & Krupakar’s wedding in a single phrase, it’d be this—three days of splendid, carefree, and exuberant celebration. Gracefully blending the millennial and the traditional, the wedding was a perfect stir of all the goodness two young hearts and a very loving family could possibly muster. People swayed in utter joy all around, dancing and singing their hearts out, spending jovial moments together, and making the most out of the coming together of their beloved bride and groom.
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Varsha & Pardeep - Wedding Story

The crisp pre-winter breezes stayed mellow with warm conversations, as shehnais and drums kept soft company throughout. The aroma of jasmines and turmeric, rose itras and Indian spices all lingered at different hours, making for a pleasant and amusing welcome of the events. Varsha and Pardeep’s wedding was a commingling of two different cultures, drenched in brilliant colours and sunshine. The upbeat vibes of a Punjabi shaadi readily met with the rich South Indian traditions, and what resulted was three days of sheer ebullience. Between a gold-tinted haldi, a pastel wedding, and a lucent reception, the two families came together in great tastes, filling up the photographer in me with umpteen unique moments to capture.
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Tejaswini & Pranav - Pre-wedding

Tejaswini and Pranav’s pre-wedding shoot was a vivid and brilliant memoir of love, sprouting in the middle of the chaos and the calm alike. Unfolding effortlessly within moments of affection, the photographs tell simple stories, transporting the viewer to ordinary yet stunning instances. One of the first thoughts that the couple shared with Arjun when they reached out was how they wanted their pre-wedding pictures to be organic. Those simple words made Arjun ecstatic, as that is exactly how he likes his pre-wedding and wedding shoots to unfurl- naturally, without looking staged or over choreographed.
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Deepthi & Bhargav - Wedding Story

As much as a wedding celebrates love and togetherness, it is also about the little things. Like sharing your best moments with your loved ones and giving happiness the pedestal it deserves. Deepthi and Bhargav’s wedding was one such affair. It took place at Holiday Inn Goa, with the mantap overlooking the ocean, the salty breeze and the ringing sound of the waves painting the air with joy throughout. The celebrations began with a Mehendi ceremony in the sprawling lawns of the resort, made better with all the sunshine and occasional sprinkles of water that glittered all around.
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Anisha & Vikas - Wedding Story

Anisha and Vikas’ big day was the perfect representation of an Indian wedding in all its glory. The merriment began before dawn at the Taj West End, Bengaluru. The mantap, intricately set up right under a massive mango tree, was going through its final touch-ups as Anisha started to adorn her ivory and golden attire for the day. The air was filled with a pleasant fragrance of fresh roses and jasmines that lay embellished on the wedding dais. It was well-complimented by the fresh scent of the endless expanse of lush garden lawns all around.
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Ipsita & Avigyan - Wedding Story

If you had the privilege to tell someone’s story, what words would you choose? With which shades would you paint it or how would you picture it to perfection? Wedding photography, to me, is about bringing to life the couple’s dreams and wishes for their anticipated day. The very soul of the shoot lies in portraying their love, emotions, and their entire journey. And in the end, giving them a memento of (and for) a lifetime.
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Bhargav & Deepthi - Pre-wedding

Only the luckiest get to celebrate love in its most glorious form as a part of their profession. My recent pre-wedding photoshoot with Deepthi and Bhargav was a snippet straight out of a majestic love story. Brought to life in Bangalore and Goa, the photo shoot celebrates the couple’s tale in two facets- homeliness and romance.
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Shilpa & Varun - Wedding Story

Breathing a tranquil air away from Hyderabad's hubbub is the splendid Falaknuma Palace. Built in the 1890s, the palace was home to the royals until 2010, when its magnificent gates were opened to the rest of the world as a lavish hotel. 'Falak-Numa' roughly translates from Urdu to ‘Like the Sky', and honestly, the name could not be more fitting. The palace evinces opulence and grandeur, deeming your feet too small to traverse its circumference at a go. Holding countless chandeliers, lamps, and golden accessories, it shines just like a sky full of stars. While walking through its monumental halls with ceilings covered in frescoes, Arjun observed the hints of English architecture scattered throughout. He grinned, reflecting on the rich history and splendour that surrounded him at that moment. He recalls Shilpa and Varun’s wedding as a lively affair immersed in laughter and celebrations. Capturing the essence of a Hindu wedding in this album, the photographer steals joyous moments from the many ceremonies and renders them treasure worthy.
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Ajay & Chandana - Pre-wedding

If it is possible to sketch love, how would you do it? Personally, I would just walk to my wardrobe, fetch a photo album of a pre-wedding shoot, and slip it into your hands. More than a collection of pictures, Ajay and Chandana’s pre-wedding photo shoot is a memoir of their love- young, sprouting, and excited for the tender years that lie ahead of them. Flourishing like a utopian fairytale, Arjun has crafted their story under an extremely happy and celebratory tone. Shot in rustic locations in and around the city of Bengaluru, the shoot has an outdoorsy hint to it, rendering the pictures vibrant and alive.
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Seun & Bubba - Wedding Story

When love gives you a fairytale, you make the best of it. Bubba and Seun are two people who believe in this unceasingly. A cinematographer himself, Bubba came across Arjun’s work as his senior at their film school, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles. He showed it to Seun, his fiancé at the time, who instantly fell in love with the pictures. The couple ended up inviting Arjun to picturesque Hawaii to chronicle their wedding. He recalls it as an unforgettable experience. Captured faithfully in the photographs is the happiness that envelops the family members, just as much as it embraces the bride and groom. Sipping the serenity of shores and mellowing in festivities, this is beach wedding photography in comprehension.
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Kelsi & Randy - Wedding Story

A wedding is something that comes after careful anticipation which may have lasted for months, years, or even a lifetime. The day arrives faster than it should or perhaps later than you thought it would, but isn’t that the beauty of love? To let it take the lead and trust its every step? And along the way, it instills hopes and dreams in you, and when the right time arrives, it gives you a whole fairytale. So you decide to carry on because it feels like home. Arjun remembers Kelsi and Randy’s wedding as a joyous one. It was held at Kelsi's majestic maiden home in Redlands, California. For the day, the backyard was carefully decorated with little trinkets, giving the atmosphere a sublime and homely charm. Rich with olive trees and grapevines, the place had a Mediterranean vibe to it. The atmosphere was rustic yet classy, made perfect by an old oak tree under which the couple exchanged their rings. Being wed in a home where you grew up- where you watched your life bloom, made all the memories you cherish so dearly- is indeed a heartwarming experience. And one could see that in Kelsi’s eyes.
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Natalie & Walter - Wedding Story

An orchestra of emotions, love conducts your heart to feel things it hasn’t felt before. It glamourizes every longing, magnifies every fortune. At the hint of a touch or a tender moment of togetherness, a medley of feelings comes pouring through your heart. Maybe that is why, when two people decide to be together forever, time stands still for a while, beholding something more powerful than itself, something divine. When Natalie and Walter got married, Arjun had the opportunity to observe the effortlessness with which love carries itself as well as the lovers. Capturing this precious thought in his wedding photography album, he brings to us a collection of different emotions which tag along with happiness, giving it a deeper meaning and putting a greater value on it.
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