If heaven is anywhere, it is here, it is now, and it is right between you and me.

Anisha and Vikas’ big day was the perfect representation of an Indian wedding in all its glory. The merriment began before dawn at the Taj West End, Bengaluru. The mantap, intricately set up right under a massive mango tree, was going through its final touch-ups as Anisha started to adorn her ivory and golden attire for the day. The air was filled with a pleasant fragrance of fresh roses and jasmines that lay embellished on the wedding dais. It was well-complimented by the fresh scent of the endless expanse of lush garden lawns all around. By the time the sun rose, the place was already bustling with a frenzy of jovial relatives chattering away, multiple rituals taking place, and umpteen little things blooming side by side. And even in the middle of all the chaos, I found Anisha graciously moving about with her calmest demeanour and Vikas was keeping it cheerful and breezy with a persistent grin on his face! Just like that, with a dozen of moments simultaneously unfolding each passing minute, I gleefully clicked it all away until the afternoon, when I was finally able to sneak the bride and the groom away for a mini wedding portrait shoot. The moment Anisha and Vikas found themselves away from the frenzy, I saw all the buzz melting away as they sank into tenderness and deep affection. The rest of the hours poured into one another, and before I knew, the day had already settled to make way for another one.

The next sunrise brought with it a vividly amiable air. Now together forever, one could see a different glow in the couple’s eyes. Vikas was all dressed up in the classic suit and tie, while Anisha shimmered with a sari and jewellery woven out of crystal and all things fine. Today was all about celebrating the holy union with their loved ones, and I could see the joy brimming on everyone’s faces. Together, the relatives celebrated love and blessed the newlyweds with a lifetime of happiness, while the bride and the groom mirthfully took everything in, perhaps overwhelmed and excited for a new journey that lay ahead.

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