Our love- this riot of colours, this breaking open of a whole new world, this celebration of a lifetime.

Tejaswini and Pranav’s pre-wedding shoot was a vivid and brilliant memoir of love, sprouting in the middle of the chaos and the calm alike. Unfolding effortlessly within moments of affection, the photographs tell simple stories, transporting the viewer to ordinary yet stunning instances. One of the first thoughts that the couple shared with Arjun when they reached out was how they wanted their pre-wedding pictures to be organic. Those simple words made Arjun ecstatic, as that is exactly how he likes his pre-wedding and wedding shoots to unfurl- naturally, without looking staged or over choreographed.

For the shoot, they drove to a rustic village on the outskirts of Bengaluru. It was a beautiful Summer morning, the town already bustling with everyday chores at the break of dawn. The tinkle of the milkman’s bicycle scurrying across the street, the laughter of kids playing with marbles just before leaving for school, and the incense of jasmine all filled the air. It was all made better with the gushing sound of a stream flowing nearby. As they walked through the sinewy alleys, they found many stunning moments in the making. A man spending some time with his lamb on the foyer of his mud house, kids chasing each other to smear their faces with colours, men in crimson turbans garnishing a front yard with flower petals and powder colours. And in the middle of all the frenzy of the rare and everyday events were two people in love, making the most of their togetherness. While there was beauty all around, there was even more of it between them. Could there be a better portrayal of the glory of love?

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