We forever meet at the horizon—of culture, spirit, and perpetual love.

The crisp pre-winter breezes stayed mellow with warm conversations, as shehnais and drums kept soft company throughout. The aroma of jasmines and turmeric, rose itras and Indian spices all lingered at different hours, making for a pleasant and amusing welcome of the events. Varsha and Pardeep’s wedding was a commingling of two different cultures, drenched in brilliant colours and sunshine. The upbeat vibes of a Punjabi shaadi readily met with the rich South Indian traditions, and what resulted was three days of sheer ebullience. Between a gold-tinted haldi, a pastel wedding, and a lucent reception, the two families came together in great tastes, filling up the photographer in me with umpteen unique moments to capture.

While Pardeep’s charm flourished in a composed elegance, Varsha brought with her firecrackers of joy. Her subtle pink and gold Kanjeevarams paired up with his vibrant turbans, telling tales of North and South. At the day of wedding, the air of Tamarind Tree rang with sweet melodies of Punjabi and Kannada between sweet talks and folk songs. But amongst all the dissimilarities, there were things that bloomed hand in hand, like love. The bride and the groom swayed to the tunes of evermore, as family and friends cheered them through the ceremonies. And just like that, Varsha and Pardeep tied the knot, celebrating togetherness, families, cultures, and the future all at a go. As I look back at it, theirs was a wedding that kept me to my toes with excitement. Be it the wait to witness how the ceremonies unfolded or the slight joy that brushed my heart every time Varsha giggled at one of Pardeep’s witty comments, I enjoyed capturing every little thing as it came. After all, isn’t that what weddings are about? To let loose, to just be, and to commemorate everything that greets you on one of the most important days of your life.

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