Your hand in my hand, the ring of endless laughter, and a heart brimming with love: you and I begin there and shall forever do so.

Some loves are full of such a thriving energy, that they take you by admiration, pulling you into a world of warmth, togetherness, and sheer merrymaking. If I had to sum up Muni & Krupakar’s wedding in a single phrase, it’d be this—three days of splendid, carefree, and exuberant celebration. Gracefully blending the millennial and the traditional, the wedding was a perfect stir of all the goodness two young hearts and a very loving family could possibly muster. People swayed in utter joy all around, dancing and singing their hearts out, spending jovial moments together, and making the most out of the coming together of their beloved bride and groom.

The journey began with a private haldi ceremony on the first day, only to transform into a sprightly music and dance party by the time the sun went down. The following two days witnessed the bride and groom adorning the finest of charms along with their attires and jewellery, taking the air by awe and affection. Throughout the celebration, the Kanchana Mahal of Krishnagiri scintillated with winsome decors. The colourful walls were painted bright with freshly plucked flowers, glass candles put the corners aglow, and elements like a plafond ornated with glitter and gold made the vibe even more spirited. And amidst all the bling, the bride and the groom stood out elegantly, always adorning the brightest of smiles that effortlessly spread the joy all over. It’s during weddings like these that I remember the sheer joy such an important celebration can bring. These pictures make me ponder upon how weddings are your one shot amongst few others to take from life exactly what you want: happiness, love, togetherness, and abundant fun.

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