This is the story of a day and all its beauty, a love that swings in tenderness, and us.

It was a soft, sunny afternoon and the air of JW Marriott, Bengaluru was filled with the scents of a fresh garden abloom with moringa, plants, and roses. The daylight put the entire room on shimmer as Nikhil dressed for the big day, in a beige kurta and crimson silk stole. On the other end, Rashna had adorned a fine golden saree and the most beautiful demeanour, pouring out grace with every step and sentence that flowed through her. Just as the sun bid goodbye to the day, the bride and the groom stepped into the mantap, taking the place by awe and deep affection.

Rashna and Nikhil’s wedding was a charmingly unusual and extremely graceful one-day affair. Like every gorgeous Indian wedding, it did have it all- the procession of the groom, dance and merriment, the anticipation of bride’s entry, traditional wedding ceremonies with pheras, sindoor, and prayers, and a mellow goodbye at the end of it all. There was a certain poise that was spread across the day like a blanket, engulfing everyone who was present in its charm. Friends and family all gleamed with elation and good wishes, but what stayed with me the most was the tenderness that Rashna and Nikhil shared amongst themselves. It is always heart-warming to see two people utterly in love, celebrating the biggest moments of their lives in their own way, spreading hope, joy, and most importantly, love all around.

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