I woke inside a mellow dream and wished it to be the rest of my life. But the sun was shining upon me and I felt your hand slip into mine. And I realized this really was the rest of my life.

An orchestra of emotions, love conducts your heart to feel things it hasn’t felt before. It glamourizes every longing, magnifies every fortune. At the hint of a touch or a tender moment of togetherness, a medley of feelings comes pouring through your heart. Maybe that is why, when two people decide to be together forever, time stands still for a while, beholding something more powerful than itself, something divine. When Natalie and Walter got married, Arjun had the opportunity to observe the effortlessness with which love carries itself as well as the lovers. Capturing this precious thought in his wedding photography album, he brings to us a collection of different emotions which tag along with happiness, giving it a deeper meaning and putting a greater value on it.

Shot in a blissful and utterly regal and canyon-like property in the Santa Susana Mountains just outside of L.A., the wedding photo shoot has a rich pastel touch to it.

Arjun begins the day by taking pictures of the bride and groom in the vanity. The wedding portraits poetically convey their final journey as separate individuals before they make the promise to become one. Walter bears a benign nervousness as he prepares for the ceremony. When Natalie walks to the venue, she stuns everyone by bestowing all the grace a bride is granted on her wedding day. Whilst exchanging vows under the cool shade of olive trees, the couple is showered with extraordinary love. The mood of the wedding ceremony suits the quiet, happy spring day as it radiates a heartwarming energy. In the meanwhile, nature blushes through the pastel astilbes and rose flower crowns, only adding to the canyon setting. Also featuring striking black and whites, the album narrates a story from the perspective of two different sets of eyes, both equally tender and gracious. Find out what’s in store for you from Natalie and Walter’s wedding day.

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