And when the day arrives, what words will you whisper in my ears? What song will you sing and what will your laughter sound like? When the day arrives, I will look into your eyes and find my entire life somewhere inside.

When love gives you a fairytale, you make the best of it. Bubba and Seun are two people who believe in this unceasingly. A cinematographer himself, Bubba came across Arjun’s work as his senior at their film school, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles. He showed it to Seun, his fiancé at the time, who instantly fell in love with the pictures. The couple ended up inviting Arjun to picturesque Hawaii to chronicle their wedding. He recalls it as an unforgettable experience. Captured faithfully in the photographs is the happiness that envelops the family members, just as much as it embraces the bride and groom. Sipping the serenity of shores and mellowing in festivities, this is beach wedding photography in comprehension.

Afloat in merriment, the couple’s happiness knew no bounds throughout their wedding week. To add to it, the festivities were alight with joy and warmth coming from both families.

For the pre-wedding shoot, Arjun resorted to the magical landscape that Hawaii so generously offers. Shot in a sea of fallen leaves and on the rocks with the ocean water visiting them time and again, the pictures encapsulate some memories that Seun and Bubba would cherish forever. On their wedding day, the air at the beach was filled with euphoria. Kids played, engrossed in their own little worlds. Family members shared precious moments of togetherness, away from their everyday lives. The vows brought a sea of emotions to the couple, appraising that they’d been waiting for the moment for a long time. And now that it was there, in front of them, it moved them to tears. The album is a recitation of a happy wedding story whispered into a dream come true. Athletes at heart, Seun and Bubba have competed in sports for the US national team- Seun in running and Bubba in pole-vaulting. They share unrestrained love, a mutual fondness for adventure, and the pleasure of raising a baby boy together.

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