In the most precious moments, the declaration of love lies not in the cacophony but in a quiet celebration, the one which is attended by joy, tenderness, and the Sun.

If you had the privilege to tell someone’s story, what words would you choose? With which shades would you paint it or how would you picture it to perfection? Wedding photography, to me, is about bringing to life the couple’s dreams and wishes for their anticipated day. The very soul of the shoot lies in portraying their love, emotions, and their entire journey. And in the end, giving them a memento of (and for) a lifetime. When Ipsita reached out to me for the shoot, she mentioned how they both liked all things natural and minimal. I was instantly elated to be a part of something very unique, for the way she had described the wedding, it was not the common kind of ‘simple’ either. Naturally, it all unfolded with me curating wedding memories which were effortless and momentous.

It was a pleasant day in the hills of Darjeeling and 4 happy people- the bride, the groom, the bride’s sister, and the groom’s mother had come together for a precious little celebration. The big day began with breakfast and cuddles in bed, their giggles filling the air with a bout of sheer joy. The hours unfolded with Ipsita and Avigyan enjoying a cup of warm tea and each other’s undivided attention. It was only when the Sun had started to shift gracefully above the lush tea estates that the couple donned their wedding attires and exchanged the promise of a lifetime. And as the bright hues of orange and pink started to paint the sky, the newly formed family dined by the valley, soaking in the beauty of the evening. The day ended with a bonfire, as Avigyan sang and Ipsita gracefully swayed to the sweet music. As we all went into the night happy and full of love, I thought to myself, what a truly wonderful thing it is, to just let things be and make the most beauty out of it.

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