These fields, the rain, the flowers, the streets; they sing a song I long to recall. They tell me of honey, of melodies, and of sweet flowers they befall. But I just smile and tell them, our love is the sweetest of all.

If it is possible to sketch love, how would you do it? Personally, I would just walk to my wardrobe, fetch a photo album of a pre-wedding shoot, and slip it into your hands. More than a collection of pictures, Ajay and Chandana’s pre-wedding photo shoot is a memoir of their love- young, sprouting, and excited for the tender years that lie ahead of them. Flourishing like a utopian fairytale, Arjun has crafted their story under an extremely happy and celebratory tone. Shot in rustic locations in and around the city of Bengaluru, the shoot has an outdoorsy hint to it, rendering the pictures vibrant and alive.

Older women selling flowers rejoice at the glimpse of the couple’s perfect love on the streets, joyfully swaying in the vibrant aura they give out. The bride-and-groom-to-be enjoy gentle moments of fondness in the middle of golden and copper fields, almost like they are paying a tribute to something eternal that exists between them. The rains bring with them a kind of merriment that grabs them by the hand, urging them to lose themselves in each other. The pictures are indeed flooded with sweet emotions, captured to fill the viewer with a sense of doting fondness. In the end, when you’re looking at them, I won’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking in your head, ‘It is wonderful being in love!’

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