Color of Our Skin

To live in a society that constantly associates dark with ugly. To shrink your blooming self to a bud, hoping no one can see you as you are. To be called the bearer of bad luck. To watch your whole existence diminish under the shadow that is your dark skin. As if it is a sin. As if dark is the worst you could be. As if there can never be any beauty in darkness even if you tried to look for it. That if you weren’t dark, you would finally be someone. Someone of value. Someone worth accepting, someone worth loving. Presenting Colour of Our Skin, a photo story speaking of darkness, abomination, and fear. But more importantly, a story of self-discovery, love, and fulfillment.

Set in a rustic town with idyllic surroundings, the entire tale blooms in nature’s lap. Revolving around a young and graceful woman named Ranika, the photographs portray the many emotions of a girl preparing for marriage. The anxiety of leaving home, the hopes for a good life, the fear of rejection, and the despair that follows it- all the emotions are conveyed beautifully in this story through images. The pictures sing of the love with which parents bring up their dear girl and how, upon any mark of insult on her, their whole world comes shattering down. The entire photo story was publicized on national platforms like the Times of India, The Indian Express, and the Huffington Post for addressing the myopic mentality regarding the dark-skinned. Swinging beautifully in the spheres of unconditional warmth and harsh misfortunes, the tale is rendered meaningful to the society in the message it sends out. Come, enter the world of Ranika, a dark-skinned girl who finds the truest love of all in a journey full of shame and belittlement.

Produced, Written and Directed by Arjun Kamath

Production Design and AD - Nishitha Karumbaiah

Costume and Styling - Amritha Rajavelu

Make-up and Hair - Ambreen Vikhar


Rachel Bayros as RANIKA
Arvind as DINKARA
Jayashree P Kunju as SUDHAMINI
Yasmin Sait as LANKESHI
Ponappa Subbaiah as RUDRA
Ray R Dharma as BANDHINI
Sunil Kumar Prashar as PITHAMBAR
Marie Padival as KUMODHINI

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