Coming Out

Shakespeare called it unsettling. Marquez, a disease. Bukowski called it a dog from hell. It has been known to man since ages that one is powerless in the course of love. So who made the love rules, when it is love that makes the rules? And what of those who contravene? Let’s ask simpler questions, direct questions. Who made the love rules? Why is one love celebrated, and the other locked in a closet to suffocate and die? And what of those who contravene? If you knew how it will end, would you still begin? If you knew your defiance would shatter your world, would you still rebel? If you knew to let your love see the light would cost you your life, would you still come out? Presenting Coming Out, a purposeful photo story that comes to life on the foundation of well-crafted pictures to question the biased temperaments of the society, to break the conventional rules and pinpoint their shortcomings, one visual at a time.

Taking birth in a gloomy sphere, this photo narrative broaches the sensitive subject of homosexuality by showing a literal coming out of the closet. The story brings out a vivid portrayal of the horror the homosexual community faces in the society. When shot, the topic was still in the shadows in India, waiting for someone to shed light on it. Hence, upon its release, the narrative saw a roaring reception on the internet. It was publicized through newspapers around the world, including Metro and Daily Mail, leading dailies in the UK. Due to the popularity the photo series gained, the narrative found its way to an even greater acclamation through the United Nations. The UNAIDS published an article about the photo story’s roaring success for which Kamath was also interviewed at length. To find out what becomes of two women in love who decide to come out of the closet, read on.

Photography and Creative-Direction - Arjun Kamath

Production Design - Nishitha Karumbaiah

Make-up - Sonia Keer Dhawan

Costume-Design and Styling - Amritha Rajavelu

Creative-coordinator - Arvind Maitreyi

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