When met with atrocity, a woman ceases to exist. She is taken over by a beast, a demon, the God of Death if you will. Or it is safe to say that all this wildness is carefully weaved inside her, revealed seldom. And lest we forget, a demon is the most dangerous if it doesn’t act like one. Avani carried kindness and grace tied to the delicate anklets on her feet. She bore a divinity- the one that often peeps out of simplicity, rendering the person harmless and pure. And maybe she thought the same about herself. Little did she know, she was destined for greater things. Things she may have never consciously chosen to encounter. But life doesn’t work like that, anyway. The Kashyapi forest would echo her heart-wrenching tale for years to come. Presenting Avani, a moving photo story packed with soul, brimming with colour and emotion. A tale of a daughter presented with separation. Of a wife faced with near loss. Of a mother summoned to sacrifice. But most importantly, a tale of an ordinary woman placed under extraordinary circumstances.

This pictorial short story went on to find a place in the hearts of people across India. A brilliant storyline coupled with the team’s exceptional performance kept the viewers on their toes throughout its journey. The tale featured on revered national newspapers like The Hindu, BuzzFeed, and The Indian Express for its vocalization against female infanticide. Highlighting the bias in the society’s behavior towards women, Avani is an example of women’s journey in their endurances which often go unnoticed. The story inspires women to raise their voice against discrimination, urging them to stand up for themselves without being afraid of what might follow. Dive into a soul-gripping story of a small town girl braving the demons of the day with all the might in her.

Produced, Directed and Photographed by Arjun Kamath

Production Design - Nishitha Karumbaiah

Costume Design & Styling - Amritha Rajavelu

MUA - Ambreen Vikhar


Avantika Mishra as AVANI

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