Were the Gods looking down at us and smiling at that moment? Maybe time stood still to bless our love. Or maybe we moved to paradise for a day, in our own little world of sunshine and its warmth, love and its brilliance.

Breathing a tranquil air away from Hyderabad's hubbub is the splendid Falaknuma Palace. Built in the 1890s, the palace was home to the royals until 2010, when its magnificent gates were opened to the rest of the world as a lavish hotel. 'Falak-Numa' roughly translates from Urdu to ‘Like the Sky', and honestly, the name could not be more fitting. The palace evinces opulence and grandeur, deeming your feet too small to traverse its circumference at a go. Holding countless chandeliers, lamps, and golden accessories, it shines just like a sky full of stars. While walking through its monumental halls with ceilings covered in frescoes, Arjun observed the hints of English architecture scattered throughout. He grinned, reflecting on the rich history and splendour that surrounded him at that moment. He recalls Shilpa and Varun’s wedding as a lively affair immersed in laughter and celebrations. Capturing the essence of a Hindu wedding in this album, the photographer steals joyous moments from the many ceremonies and renders them treasure worthy.

Indian weddings scintillate in their bustle. Deservedly so, since there is an effort of a lifetime involved in them. A mother starts dreaming of her daughter’s big day when her pigtail is still bouncing on her petite shoulders. And then one day, which does not seem so far away, she is watching her sitting in front of the holy wedding fire, promising her life and love to someone. Her father stands strong, with a tear in his eyes as he bids his beloved daughter goodbye. The house will still echo her laughter, but she will now be the sun of some other home. Every second of a wedding is packed with such emotions that quietly oscillate in the air, touching a heart here, filling a pair of eyes with tears there. It is in these moments that one realizes the weight of the day, the moment, and the auspicious ceremony itself. At Shilpa and Varun’s wedding, Arjun plucked these moments of tenderness and placed them in a bouquet of pictures. Come, join the couple in their happiness through their wedding photographs.

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