Photographed by
Arjun Kamath

Nidhi Sunil

Production Manager and AD
Nishitha Karumbaiah

Parisera (Chennai)

Studio 149 (Chennai)

Sindhu Rai (Niyati)

If personified, Mumbai would be this sassy, bold, well-spoken woman who seeks no one and is loved by all. Rivers of men and women festoon the city’s streets, railways, shops, and footpaths even at the oddest hours of the day. Each day is like a new, ephemeral life that gives birth to a thousand glittering dreams and in turn, buries a million. The scramble of the local trains, abrupt gushes of aroma from the tantalizing street food tadka, and the dramatic weather all chisel the city’s soul. Enchanted by its buzzing lifestyle, Arjun finds a second home in Mumbai. He took resort of the city for fashion photography with Amchi. It portrays the spirit of the city, fashioned by the ever graceful Nidhi Sunil. Unlike most of Kamath’s shoots which are exhaustively planned and well-choreographed, this one was very spontaneous. Arjun realized he was going to be free for a day when in Mumbai, so he instinctively dialed Nidhi’s number just a couple of days before the shoot and things surprisingly fell into place.

Fabricated in the frisky backdrops of Kala Ghoda area in Mumbai, Kamath’s take on street fashion photography has a piquant conduct to it. The intense colors of Nidhi’s apparels and heavy ornaments she adorns implicitly mirror the city’s bustle. Her unflustered posture throughout the shoot satirically highlights the city’s rush, making her the eye of the storm. The artists walked the streets at the break of dawn, hunting for intriguing backdrops that simulate the rollicking city. Nidhi posed on crowded streets and inside a local taxi, becoming the voice of the city for a moment. The unforeseen interruptions in the picture frames by men headed to work and impromptu scenes captured in a local taxi bring a cozy appeal to the shoot. Enjoy the tangy flavor of Amchi Mumbai with Arjun and Nidhi as they characterize the city.

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