India’s beloved Kolkata is a charming old place throbbing with a young heart, posing an effortless amalgamation of history and the present. Reveling in frivolous whims with a hearty devotion to enjoyment, Kolkata is the summer vacation of cities.

If a city could talk, Kolkata would have the most interesting story to tell. From being Calcutta, India’s capital during the British Raj to now becoming Kolkata, a metropolitan, the city has sure seen a lot. It has embraced modernization without letting go of its indigenous ways. It has prospered vastly without belittling the age-old traditions. And till date, the city’s identity lies in the imposing colonial architecture it has adorned since ages. In this travel photo-album, Kamath captures the ebullience of the city as he encounters some of the most amusing things happening on the streets.

Wooden and brick buildings spill on the already slender alleys of Kolkata. Ancient looking cars and buses, found nearly nowhere else in the country, proudly steer on stone-paved streets. Herds of people loiter on busy streets throughout the day, never tiring of the sun and the rain. And amidst this very chaos lies the essence of the metropolis. The city has been proudly granted the title ‘The City of Joy’ and it stands true to it. As if each day the sun brings a bucket full of happiness with it and sprinkles it all over the city. Or maybe the people do it themselves. If they’ve told you about the famous roshogullas, let me tell you something else, too. The people here are just as sweet in their nature. When in Kolkata, the photographer walks through the miniature alleys and grand roads, gleefully capturing some intriguing everyday scenes. A man takes a bath in the middle of a busy street without a care for the world. Two elderly men peek through the closed doors of a shrine to offer their prayers. Come, loosen up and dance a little in the happy ways of this old jewel. I welcome you to the city of joy.

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