Photographed by
Arjun Kamath

Hasleen Kaur

Production Manager and Assistant Director
Nishitha Karumbaiah

Make-up and Hair
Zeba Sheriff

Shilpa Vummiti

She has more temples in her landscape than walking space. She inhabits stupor and self-realization in equal observance. She makes a man question life as he has lived it. She holds the forsaken and the hopeless to her bosom like they’re her own children. She endorses an undying spirituality, enthralling anyone who encounters it up close. King Harishchandra, Lord Rama, Kalidasa, and George Harrison are some of the umpteen names which grace the treasured stories she tells. The fires of her burning ghats singe your soul. Observing death up close, feeling it swarm somewhere above you in the smoke is enough to steal your sleep for the night. Her overflowing alleys engross all your senses at once. She has room for twenty-three thousand temples and atheists alike. She encourages your mischief and banishes it over time. She spins on her own whims, ridicules reality, and swallows you whole. She has been in existence since time immemorial. She is the heartland of India, the holiest place on earth. Bathing in the vivacious waters of Varuna and Assi rivers, she is entire India packed up in a single city.

Varanasi is a haven of intriguing personalities and harbors a raw sense of culture. Thus inspired by the emotional roller-coaster that the city is, Kamath strategized a shoot featuring edgy makeup and costumes. In his pictures, the photographer has made an intelligent use of Saffron, a color that reflects the exhilarating milieus of Varanasi. Life is a fashion photography shoot which captures the labyrinthine emotions the human mind is capable of moulding. Featured in some of the images are local pandits and thinkers who help animate the shoot to the optimum. Challenging in execution and saliently different from his other fashion shoots, Life imbibes philosophy and beams divine brilliance. Dive into an ocean of vibrancy as the photographer takes you through Varanasi, the only city of its kind.

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