Photography, Story and Art Design by
Arjun Kamath

Make Up
Neha Sharma

Designer and Stylist
Wardha Ahamed

Hair Stylist
Rita Shukla

Bauble Love

It was one of those mornings when time stood still or at least felt like it. The golden hours seemed to have decided to hang around for a while longer, enjoying this little celebration of art. The sunlight masked itself graciously on Neha, accentuating her eyes and everything they stand for: honey under the sun, chocolate in the company of the moon. Donned in silver ornaments teeming gleefully on her black and maroon attire, Neha appears to don entire traditions and cultures in the photographs. Arjun captures events which are rather ordinary and pours gold into them. A man in red turban enjoys his cigar, as her piercing gaze approaches the camera lens boldly. In a different scene, she appears to be amusing herself over a fond memory, while two men busy themselves in a game of chess on the rustic porch. Kamath introduces the viewer to the richness of folk objects like an antiquated veranda proudly displaying the last of its paint, flamboyant turbans that perfectly match the stance of the men who wear them, and the cotton wraparound tunics, locally called angarkhis, that add to their grace. By doing so, he steadily transports the audience to the land of melodious sarangis and alleys sprawled with bright colours.

In a project commemorating the warm, earthy feeling that India is known for, Neha and Arjun take you to a serenading and yet lively ground. And somewhere between the folklores, jingling bangles, and dusty alleys, you find yourself swaying in the goodness of a culture that always stands apart. Pictured with tremendous grace in the album, Neha Sharma is a versatile film actress who has found a notable place in both the Bollywood and Telugu film industries. Also a model, she has won millions of hearts across the country with her beauty and poise.

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