Photographed by
Arjun Kamath

Nicole Padival


Make up & Hair
Avantika Mishra

Beauty does not need to orchestrate itself. It finds a way to glow. And the way tulips bloom with spring, beauty flourishes in its own time and at its own stride. More than an attribute, it is a tribute to everything a woman is. It speaks of women in what is tangible in them and what is impalpable. It does not distinguish between the fair-toned or the dusky-skinned. Or the slender and the curvy. You see, it doesn’t follow a rulebook at all. It blushes over women who carry flowers on their backs. Who fill their collarbones with droplets of kindness. Who are fierce and gentle, depending on the day. And then again, beauty does not need to orchestrate itself. It just finds a corner, slips in, and rests there unannounced. And it is felt nonetheless.

Nicole has been shot in unfurnished locations to reflect the allure of the unrefined. The model’s expressions reveal a faint sense of dignity, as if she is aware of the powers she holds but chooses not to take pride in them. She brings to the table a variety of expressions- boldness, sensuality, and affection, unveiling many masked moods. In one of its kind shoot, Arjun has made a canvas out of the model herself. The light accentuates her features and the shadows make her curves more prominent. The balanced concoction of both portrays Nicole Padival’s splendor without the need for any additional props or filters. By using locations devoid of distractions and clutter as backdrops and with no parade of props, the images revel in simplicity. The fashion portraits also reflect the model’s state of mind and showcase the stillness and poise with which she carries herself. Discover beauty in its raw form with Arjun and Nicole as they take you to a world of silence, where the eyes do all the talking.

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