Photographed by
Arjun Kamath

Nupur Sanon


Sanky Evrus

Manish Sharma

Wardha Ahamed

Swathi Purushothaman (Studio 149)

The richness of Mumbai lies in the many experiences it offers. From bustling alleys with houses endorsing half-peeled paint to the diamond necklace assembled with uber-modern houses, the city has it all. On a quiet summer morning when the city was still waking up, Nupur and Arjun had taken upon a fashion photography expedition. While passing one of the many colorful and energetic lanes around Mumbai’s CST, the artists were invited inside a quaint little shop by an amiable presser. The moment they stepped in, the photographer was overcome with a sense of elation induced by the dramatically bright colors the shop endorsed. He decided to make an image right there. Exploring further, the descent of sunlight at an ordinary bus-stand caught the photographer’s eye. In a moment, another stunning picture was made. Casual yet focused, Kamath made the city’s most public roads his canvas and painted a unique picture on it. Part of the reason why his shoots are so enjoyable is that he looks for brilliance in habitual places and then pours magic into them.

In Nupur, the fashion photographer plays around with the earthy settings of Mumbai. Absorbing its early morning vibes with the freshness of a new day, the pictures radiate a notable tranquility and softness. The colors in the model’s traditional outfits compliment the background palette, thus rendering a striking aesthetic appeal to the fashion portfolio. The portraits reveal simplicity coupled with earthiness in just the right amounts. Above it all, Nupur’s expressive face pours an uninhibited delicateness to the mood of the shoot. Nupur Sanon is an artist and a singer who aims to enrich the world with her skill and beauty. Relish into a little sunshine and embrace the onset of summer on an early morning, when the winds are still crisp and days, soft.

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