Flowers, glitter, and a whole lot of laughter—our wedding story bloomed just like the story of our love.

As much as a wedding is a celebration of love, it is also a coming together of families, a harbinger of pure happiness, and a commemoration of the good things in life. Samhita and Rohan’s wedding was a three-day affair, with traditional Hyderabadi rituals meeting at the shore of contemporary times. On the first evening, Sangeet pulled everyone to the dance floor, with heartfelt solo performances dedicated to the bride and groom. By the end of it all, everyone indulged in hourlong merrymaking, dancing as if the earth was spinning its last. The next morning brought the yellows of the sun and Haldi together, and the bride’s home chimed with wedding folk songs, giggles, and stories of love. An ebullient Samhita sat there with the widest grin her face could possibly muster, gleefully accepting all the whispered blessings, the splashes of turmeric, and the fortunes of the day.

The third day bloomed with the playful anticipation, and one could simply feel the wedding spirit at the KLCC Convention Center of Hyderabad. Rohan, in his gracefully embroidered beige suit and turban, and Samhita in her equally subtle raspberry and beige saree ornated with diamond jewellery. The scent of mogra and jasmines filled the room throughout the day, dispersing from the many delicate veils that were deployed in wedding rituals. But what I remember the most from the day was the sheer happiness on everyone, giving a constant approval with blessings to the gorgeous couple. And just like that, the sun set and the bride bid an affectionate goodbye to her parents, taking with her all the love she could have mustered in that overwhelming moment.

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