Photographed by
Arjun Kamath

Shraddha Srinath

Design & Styling
Wardha Ahamed

Make up & Hair
Dhanya Raghavan

How many different worlds lay hidden in a single land, with their own little stories and lives? Drawing wonderment from this question, Arjun experimented with different themes on this photoshoot. Previously, he had collaborated with the renowned film actress, Shraddha Srinath, for his pictorial story called Coming Out. So, this time around, they decided to curve away and explore the city flavours. Shot in and around Bengaluru, the photoshoot depicts Shraddha in three entirely unique characters, highlighting the rustic moods and unexplored gullies of the metropolitan.

A woman, now well-versed with the ways of the world, explores the clustered and colourful lanes of the city she grew up in. In one winding alley, a postman in his late 40s teaches a school-going kid how to send a postcard. On the bustling station road, busy coolies outpace the motor vehicles as they go about their duty. She smiles at the events unfolding around her, her heart melancholic and yet brimming with that childhood joy.

Immersed in a different world perhaps, another lady makes her way to a certain café every morning for her platter of muffins and coffee. She holds a deep sadness in her heart, waiting for a time which is already past her. The sun embraces her as she enters the labyrinth of her own thoughts, sitting on the same table beside the chequered white glass window. But one day, she observes something outside the window and decides to leave it all behind.

And on the rustic outskirts of the city, yet another woman, cladding a supple red saree, sits by the steps of an archaic temple. Glowing in self-esteem and beauty, she muses over marigolds and the sun, submerged in the beauty of the day and all that life has brought to her.

Pirouetting in their own touches of melancholy and joy, these distinctive representations are bound together by the sheer grace in their being. In the pictures, the adept use of natural light, vibrant colours, and developing stories are created to enchant the viewers. As if gently holding your hand as you walk into these varying worlds, these photographs stir in a sense of calm and poise, thanks to the profoundly charming Shraddha.

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