Photographed by
Arjun Kamath

Shweta Tripathi

Design & Styling
Wardha Ahamed

Make up Artist
Make up by Pragna

Awon Wungkhai

After wrapping up the shoot for The Anxiety Series, Shweta still had a day in Bengaluru before she flew back to Mumbai. So, Arjun decided to use that day for conversations and a simple shoot. While the sun was still moving up in the afternoon sky, they decided to hang out in one of the city’s chic and serene cafés. Having watched her powerful performances in acclaimed Indian films and series like Masaan, Mirzapur, and Made in Heaven, the duo had a lot to discuss and muse over. And thus, over coffees and shared stories, Arjun clicked a few pictures of the poised and graceful Shweta, her expressive face contrasting the maroon turtleneck.

Later that evening, the team drove out of the bustling city towards the quieter outskirts, where fields of vibrant flowers, a bluer sky, and muddier paths rule the landscape. And this said journey was anything but smooth. The first leg of the nerve-wracking adventure was decorated by the engulfing and notorious Bangalore traffic, while the second half brought in unforeseen rains. Of course, they had counted in the traffic hours and checked the weather in advance, but the Universe is a whimsical place at times. And while they were still driving towards the location, Arjun realised that the sun was starting to set, and only final few minutes of the golden light remained before it completely went back to sleep. So, they made an impromptu stop at a sprawling field of vibrant marigolds and were met with one more bout of light showers. But as whimsical as the Universe is, it is also kind at the same time. The skies cleared once more, and the poignant Shweta posed as the sun shone brightly. At the end of the day, everyone cheered in relief and victory, as Arjun smiled at the beauty in uncertainties and the adventure they bring. Of course, it was with Shweta’s sporty spirit that the shoot happened at all. And that slight joy of accomplishment gleamed on both their faces when they called it a day.

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