Photography and Art Direction by
Arjun Kamath


Wardha Ahamed

Saranya Swaminathan

She has graced the world of films with her timeless charm and divinity, winning millions of hearts over the years. Even after having worked with Mani Ratnam and bagging two Filmfares, Simran walks so down to earth that she could almost be mistaken for a mortal. The goddess of Tamil films, Simran Bagga came across Arjun’s work online and loved it. Following collaborative discussions, Arjun flew to Chennai when their timelines finally matched and that’s how the shoot came to life. Prepping up for it, he roamed around Chennai for two days, looking for the perfect location to document a fashion photography shoot with the actress. In search of a quiet place isolated from Chennai’s bustle, the photographer stumbled upon a colorful shrine in Mylapore. He knew in an instant that the temple would make for a fitting background, accommodating quaintness in its stone texture and brightly colored vicinity.

Just the night before the shoot, Kamath had the idea of blending extra character to the chosen setting. He planned on adding a young, blue-skinned Shiva to the frame, stirring in an acute sense of culture and tradition. The next morning, Arjun and Simran paced in the quiet of the daylight, making room for themselves in the gleeful milieu. It wasn’t long before the sweet-tempered locals gathered in the little pockets in the balconies and on terrace tops, curious about the wonderful happenings of the day. Even amid the flutter, Simran sported a cheerful look. Posing effortlessly, she gifts the photographs with a hint of candidness. Her graceful smile sets a happy mood for the album, filling it with admiration. No wonder, the woman needs no introduction. Having blessed theatre and television screens alike, she is a revered actress known for her outstanding roles in Tamil as well as Telugu films. Embark on a joyous little journey with Arjun and Simran to one of the many bustling alleys of Chennai.

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